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How Self-Care Can Help You Have a Conversation With Humans Again.

How Self-Care Can Help You Have a Conversation With Humans Again.

When lockdown first started, we all went into it with the mindset of “This is gonna be great, I’m going to learn a new language and take up home workouts.” It wasn’t long before we found ourselves engaged in conversations (in our home language) with our lamps, and our only exercise was opening the fridge door multiple times a day.

We let ourselves go. And that’s ok. Hey, it’s not every day we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, so it’s important to be kind to ourselves. But it’s also important to move on and start taking care of ourselves again. (Gently) 

So, it’s time to say goodbye to your lamp-friend. It’s time to read on and discover how to (re) take care of yourself after lockdown and why it’s so important.

Let’s get real for a second. We all kind of got used to our new normal, didn’t we? And now that we find ourselves having to adjust AGAIN, we feel like mentally this may be a push. First of all – remember this is normal. Secondly, we can help. 

Since we cannot control what happens in the outside world, let’s control how we respond to it. With self-care.

We have been made to believe that self-care is a luxury or a treat, when in fact, self-care is simply a necessity when dealing with everyday life. And it’s safe to say that our everyday life of late could definitely do with a little love. By just taking a few minutes a day to look after you, this then builds up to ultimately create a stronger, better version of yourself that will help you cope with the outside world.

Pretty awesome hey?

Now that you know why we need to practice self-care. Let’s talk practically about how to do it. 

While letting yourself go seemed kind of appealing for a while (jeans are now so 2019), let’s not overwhelm ourselves and rather start with the small things. 

Trim your nails – claws are for reptiles

Shave your beard – at the very least no one likes a neck beard

Cut your cuticles – there should be a nail under there somewhere

Neaten up that nose hair – weeds are for the garden 

And here are a couple of awesome personal care products to get you started. 

Because when you take this small time for yourself and give your body the attention it deserves, you will actually have more energy to meet the bigger demands of daily life – like seeing your non-electric friends again. Plus, you’ll look good too. 


(See, we did learn something new!)