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Nail Buffer

How to get your shine on

You know how it goes; you have the perfect outfit, your hair is having a good day, your makeup is on point, and you’re feeling fiiiine.

Until you spot your nails that is. This is the part where you remember that not all of you are quite ready to be seen in public again. This is when you start to wonder if your hair really does look that good after all. This is when you doubt yourself.

Well, don’t. 

Because while we understand more than anyone else the importance of nail care, we also understand that getting a regular mani is both time-consuming and expensive. And so we came up with a solution. A shiny, happy, even-your-hair-looks-great, solution. 

An At-Home Manicure

Imagine getting your nails to look as good as the rest of you do, without leaving the comfort of your home, and spending next to nothing on top of it? Now stop imagining – because this is real.

The Swissklip Nail Buffer is the 3-in-one compact nail buffer for smoother nails and an irresistible natural shine! 

It’s triple-sided, and it’s everything you need for healthy and natural shining nails. The black pad lets you file any uneven parts of your nails. The green pad gives you a flawless polish and stimulates better nail growth, and the white pad finishes everything with a protective natural shine.

And our new nail buffer block design lets you easily replace any worn-out pad strips with fresh sets. The replacing of pad strips can be done in under one minute and without any effort.

This premium nail buffer turns damaged and uneven nails into naturally shining manicures with just a few simple steps. It only takes a few minutes per treatment.

And here’s the best part (we know, you didn’t think it could get any better right?) we also sell the replacement pads for when you need them most. And when you buy them together with our Shine On Bundle, you’ll save money too. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

Now that you know there’s a solution out there, we strongly recommend you buy your Nail Buffer and Replacement Pads, give yourself a wink in the mirror and go stun the world. 


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