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How to make your best friend happy?

How to make your best friend love you even more.

How to make your best friend love you even more.

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a hard day at work (or lunch – we don’t judge) to be greeted by your best pal. No matter what, your dog is always happy to see you. Loyal, loving, cheerful, and honest, there’s a reason why your dog is considered a (wo)man’s best friend.

And like anyone we love, we need to take care of our furbabies. And we don’t mean the obvious like watering, feeding and playing with them, but rather in ways we wouldn’t necessarily think of – grooming.

Quick fun fact lesson: Most dogs will have 5 toes on their front paws, and 4 on their back paws. The front toe referred to as the “dew claw” will be removed on some puppies early in life, but not all furry friends will have this procedure performed.

And just like us, our dog’s nails are always growing. Some dogs can keep their nails trim by walking on certain surfaces, but most can’t – and this means that their nails can become rather irritating for them. Their paws are constantly coming into contact with carpets and weeds, and often this results in their poor little nails becoming snagged on them. Digging, jumping, and often just running can really result in painful nail injuries for them. Now, before you shut your laptop and cry – don’t – because we have the pawesome solution. Yay!

The Swissklip premium dog nail clipper has been brilliantly designed to make your pet pedicures a dream for both you and them.

It comes equipped with a LED light that illuminates the nail’s delicate bloodline in order to avoid over-cutting or worse, hurting your baby.

It also has an ultra-strong and sharp blade for the thick nail, tailor-made of 3.5mm high-quality stainless steel. It’s sharper, more durable and the wide gap not only fits large dogs but will fit every breed or size.

What’s a cool product without a cooler accessory? Our dog nail clipper comes with a nail storage box, that can collect the offcuts, as well as prevent nails from flying everywhere during the grooming sesh.

It comes with a built-in nail file that is also collapsible. Simply rotate it out and file their nails after trimming to keep them smooth and blunt.

The ergonomic design and comfortable handle is made of environmentally friendly material, making it easy and comfortable to use and play spa therapist with.

A broken nail in our canine friends should always be taken care of, and taken seriously. And reading this blog was the first and responsible first step. The next step would be to buy one as soon as it launches. And the step after that would be to shut your laptop and go and enjoy some quality one on one time with your best friend.