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How to Swab like an Instagram influencer.

How to Swab like an Instagram influencer.

There are those that say they like to help, and then there are those who really put their money where their recycling bins are. Which one are you?

Claiming to be environmentally friendly – while very fashionable – is sometimes harder to do than it appears on your Instagram story. Which is why, what we’re offering you, is something small you can do, but one that will make a big difference.

Are you interested yet?

Now, we understand that when we say reusable ear swab, your first thought may not necessarily be “pick me!” (pun intended). But just give us to the end of this blog to convince you ok? Instagram can wait.

So as mentioned, you may find yourself turning your nose up at the idea of buying an ear swab with the intention to reuse it. We get it, we did too until we became believers. As we all know, a cotton swab’s purpose in life is to remove dirt, grime, excess makeup, and of course, earwax. Now…put that all together, add the amount of people in the world with ear wax (hint: it’s a lot), and all this adds up to a staggering amount of waste that comes from using the disposable swabs. An estimated 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced every day in the world and the average person throws away approximately 415 of them each year, according to a report by market intelligence company Acute Market Reports. Yup, so like we said…a LOT. 

Do you still need more convincing? 

Our Swissklip Reusable Swabs are meant to be used several times, as opposed to the more popular brands that are disposable after a single-use. As long as you keep them clean in between each wiggle, you’re good to go and so is your planet. 

They also don’t break in your ear and get stuck in the ear canal – causing major damage – unlike some of those other brands you’ve come to know and hate. And they are specifically designed in a way that gets the job done well. The tips of our swabs are firmly attached. You can use them for anything, without worrying about them falling off. It comes in a pair of 2 – the first version with a fine tip: one side with a pointy tip and the other with a round traditional tip. The second version is made with rough tips for easier ear wax cleaning.

They come in a 100% bamboo case, and the swab itself is made out of recycled plastic. Perfect saving the environment image! 

They are super safe to use, with the recommendation to just clean them with hot soapy water in between. And remember, now that you’re going reusable, you don’t have to waste money buying the disposable ones all the time. Can anyone say “Ca-Ching!”?

Makeup and ear cleaning has never been this exciting. 

So now that we know you are truly the kind that enjoys saving your wallet and your environment, we’ll let you return to your Insta feed. Happy scrolling!