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Easily eliminate or prevent toenail fungus and foot fungus with this roll-on Anti-Fungal Stick. No odor. No mess. Dries fast!
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Treat or Prevent Toenail Fungus in Just Minutes. Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick Kills Fungus Fast.


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The Anti-Fungal Stick from Swissklip is a natural, effective treatment with no odor and no mess.

It can effectively prevent fungus from forming, or eliminate a stubborn fungal infection in just 3 to 6 months.

There’s no pain and no burning, either. Simply roll it on and tackle foot fungus at the source – without expensive medications or surgeries!


Kill or prevent foot fungus naturally and save 35%.

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Powerful. Easy. Durable.

Livesaver product!

Carol S.C. - Rancho Cucamonga, US


Easy to apply, no smell, chemical and smell-free! I'm a runner and suffer with fungus for a while - this stick has ended my nails fungus issues! I bought a 4-pack and ordered more!


Nancy T. - Indianapolis, US


Exactly as it said and works great. Thank you

Your New Items will get FREE SHIPPING with your order