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Update your Swissklip Whitening Foam stock and Get The Maximum Results with Your New Dental Thermo Tray!
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Swissklip Whitening Foam Uses Micro-Bubbles to Lift Years of Stubborn Stains from Teeth in as Little as 7 Days
4 Units = 1 Year Supply!


Regular Price: $49.99    Exclusive Price: $24.99

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Whiter, healthier, younger-looking teeth in 1 Week

Powerful yet gentle formula with Mint Flavor

Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial components

Made in the USA - following the strictest health and safety protocols

Promotes fresher and cleaner breath


Effortlessly Have a Visible Whiter Smile With The Swissklip Foam in as Little as 1 Week

How to Use Your Whitening Foam With Your New Dental Thermo Tray:

Your New Items will get FREE SHIPPING with your order

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Fast Results. Gentle. Effective.

Most efficient and affordable option

Penelope - Columbus, US


“I drink tons of coffee and this was the most efficient and affordable option to whiten my teeth I ever tried! Thank you!”

I’ll never use any other whitening alternative!

Rosie - Tacoma, US


I’ve tried a lot of whitening alternatives – I’ll never use any other

Your New Items will get FREE SHIPPING with your order