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Get the new toothbrush with nanotechnology that is revolutionizing the dentistry industry!

The Swissklip Nano Toothbrush provides a gentle and effective experience with more than 12,000 micro bristles (10x more than a regular brush)!

Perfect for Sensitive Teeth, Receding and Delicate Gums, People with Braces, and Preventing Bad Breath & Cavities.

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Gentle Whitening Hi-Tech Bristles that Penetrate Every Space (it’s like brushing and flossing at the same time). It is the Perfect Match for your Plaque Blaster!


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Renowned New York City Podiatrist Dr Emily Splichal recommended Swissklip Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper.

Razor sharp, laser-cut curved blades open wide to allow perfect precision trimming on thick nails – effortlessly.

The high quality steel and special hardening procedure makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Remove stains and whitens teeth naturally

Powerfully fight cavity with naturally & organic ingredients

Regulates bacteria and balances overall oral health

Reduce Plague, and remove tartar

Promotes fresher and cleaner breath

It’s time to upgrade your old toothbrush and join the revolution! The Swissklip Premium Nano Toothbrush is recommended by dentists – and it is made with smart new technology and gentle bristles that clean and whiten your teeth by reaching the tiny spaces your old toothbrush can’t.

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These Customers Loved Their Swissklip Nano Toothbrush, and You Will, Too!

Gentle. Hi-Tech. Effective.


Susan S. - Denver


The swissklip toothbrush technology in the bristles make it so thin and gentle that I feel like I brush and floss my teeth at the same time. I'd never felt this clean sensation in my teeth before.

Awesome product

Julia Z. - New York


I’ve never had problems with my sensitive teeth while brushing again since I tried this new toothbrush. My dentist recommended me and I can’t even think about going back to the convention brush anymore! 5 stars!!

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