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Get even whiter teeth with our natural formula. This Tooth Gel kills bacteria that cause bad breath… and it makes your Plaque Blaster even more effective!
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Whiten Your Teeth Naturally and Get Fresh Breath with Our Effective Tooth Gel that Works Perfectly with the Plaque Blaster.

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Our Natural Toothgel Helps:

Remove stains and whitens teeth naturally

Powerfully fight cavity with naturally & organic ingredients

Regulates bacteria and balances overall oral health

Reduce Plague, and remove tartar

Promotes fresher and cleaner breath

Our unique tooth gel formula is smarter than traditional toothpaste. It naturally whitens your teeth and removes stains… while killing bad breath germs. The pump makes it easy to use the perfect amount each time and avoid waste. It’s the perfect way to keep your teeth white and healthy every day. 

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Get fresher breath naturally and save 20%.

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These Customers Loved Their Tooth Gel, and You Will, Too!

Gentle. Effective. Natural.

Natural Tooth gel

Darlene W. - Saugerties, US


I really like this tooth gel. It’s refreshing and easy to use. I love that it’s all natural.




This tooth gel is a superb alternative to your regular everyday toothpaste that you buy at the grocery store. Who doesn't love a natural product without fluoride? It lathers up nice and tastes great. My last dental appointment was fantastic; shown no cavities!

Your New Items will get FREE SHIPPING with your order