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Easily clip thick toenails fast with the Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper. It works even on ingrown toenails or thick, fungus infected nails!
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Quickly and Easily Slice Through Thick Toenails, Even with Arthritis, Joint Pain, or Fungal Infections.


Regular Price: C$97.99     Exclusive Price: C$48.99

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This is the last toenail clipper you’ll ever buy. 

It’s built with ultra-sharp blades using an ergonomic German design. The handle is easy to grip and easy to squeeze, so you can cut through thick, ingrown toenails even if you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, or weakening muscles. 

Get relief from painful ingrown toenails and save 50%.


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Powerful. Easy. Durable.

One of the greatest products

Jan D.L. - Nanaimo, Canada


This is certainly one of the greatest products I have seen on the market. I can't wait 'til my husband opens it in his stocking & see what he thinks!


Bia S. - Hamilton, Canada


Finally a pair of toe nail clippers that are easy to use and sharp

Your New Items will get FREE SHIPPING with your order