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WAIT {{customer_first_name}} ! Get Whiter Teeth Even Faster! Add a Foam Tray to Increase Whitening Time by Up to 700%.

Use this Foam Tray to keep the Whitening Foam directly on your teeth for 15 minutes to maximize the whitening effect!
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Foam Tray: Keep Your Whitening Foam Directly on Your Teeth for Longer and Maximize Your Whitening Results!


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The Swissklip Foam Tray maximizes your results by keeping your Whitening Foam against your teeth for the full 15 minutes. This gives you up to 700% more whitening time than brushing alone, helping you eliminate your most stubborn stains and get whiter, brighter teeth even faster.

Simply apply the Whitening Foam and pop the Foam Tray in your mouth while you relax and let the whitening action do its magic!

Act Now: Maximize the whitening power of the Whitening Foam with the Swissklip Teeth Whitening Tray. Save 50% only on this page and get FREE Shipping and FREE Case.

Get whiter teeth even faster and save 50%.

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These Customers Loved Their Foam Tray, and You Will, Too!

Gentle. Effective. Natural.

Affordable and Easy to Use!

Emily - New York City


I was skeptical about using a teeth whitening product at home, but the Dental Thermo Tray made it so easy! The tray fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. I love that it's affordable, too! I saw a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth after just a few uses with the foam.

Great Results and So Comfortable

Samantha - San Francisco


I've tried a lot of teeth whitening products, but the Dental Thermo Tray is by far the most comfortable to wear! It's easy to use and fits my teeth perfectly. I used it overnight and saw great results when used with the foam. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and effective teeth whitening solution.

Your New Items will get FREE SHIPPING with your order