Doctor-Invented, Forever Sharp Podiatry Kit, Saved my Dad’s thick, brittle, slow-growing toenails, and made them young again! ”

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Published May 21, 2024


Doctor Emily Splichal is giving people with “senior nails” a surgical German steel alternative to seeing your local podiatrist. She helped invent Swissklip Heavy Duty – a doctor-quality alternative to cheap drugstore toenail clippers.

Doctor Emily Splichal said, “My dad’s toenail got uncomfortably thick as he neared 60; so thick they were mostly split or about to split. Living in a rural area, my dad’s health made it impossible for him to drive an hour to see me every week. And using drugstore clippers made dad have to bend over too long. So I worked with a team of expert engineers to create Swissklip Heavy Duty. It solved my dad’s damaged-looking toenail problem, and I know it will work for you too. I literally guarantee it.”

Swissklip is made of German Stainless Surgical.

“This amazing steel is strong enough to cut through thick wire, but 100% safe to use.”

Doctor Emily Splichal also designed a Cuticle Cutter that’s out of this world. It’s made of the same superior steel as her Swissklip Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper. “With its extra-long, extra-thick handles, it leaves your toenails looking healthier and longer-looking than ever. That’s what happens when you use podiatrist-quality toenail clippers and cuticle cutters.”

Never suffer from ingrowns, hangnails or thick, split toenails again!

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“Yep I got it !! A thick toenail . Over tried to cut it with no luck . Not any more , just as you advertise the Swissklip did what you said it would . I’m a sucker for a gadget this is not that it’s a very handy tool to cut that thick nails . You will not find it in a store . I am very glad I found it on Facebook . Thank you very much.”
Robert S

“Every thing about the SwissKlip was as promised. Really glad I came across your ad.

This Klip is what I wanted and needed.”

Paul M

“Great Purchase

Arrived promptly in good condition and I was pleased at how sturdy they are.

Have used them and have never had better clippers than these.”

Eileen P

Get The Podiatry Kit Now!
Save Up To 55%
Limited Time Offer

Current Stock   stockbar  LOW, Sell-Out Risk HIGH

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