Are These Advanced, Surgical Steel Clippers The Answer To Thick, “Senior” Toenails?

“Now that my clients use Swissklip Heavy Duty and Toenail Rescue, I never see them anymore. I may have accidentally put myself out of business!”

Dr. Emily Splichal
Thick toenails are nothing to mess around with. When your toenails aren’t properly clipped, they grow slower, thicker, split, and get increasingly brittle.
Dr. Emily Splichal explains:
“When you use regular stainless steel or cheap metal clippers, your toenail plates get damaged. This slows down toenail growth. But cheap clippers also make your toenail plates grow back misshapen. The lack of surgical sharpness mangles the tips of your toenails. This further damage makes them fragile and pretty unattractive too. That’s where the ingrowns and hangnails come from; the lack of manicure-quality DIY toenail care.”

That raises an interesting question:

If the majority of toenail clippers make your toenails worse with every use, what’s the solution?

Do you need to see a Podiatrist to regain your toenail health? Or get regular manicures? Dr. Splichal says, “No! That’s why we developed Swissklip Heavy Duty. It’s made of Austenitic 316 surgical grade steel – just like doctors use. This incredible metal is sharp enough to cut through thick wire, but 100% safe to use. So, thick toenails are definitely no match for Swissklip Heavy Duty. The relief you’ll feel when you finally get rid of those painful ingrowns is pretty unbelievable too.”

How to cut thick toenails - Heavy Duty Swissklip

But is using the best clippers for thick, ingrown toenails enough? Or is there a deeper reason your toenails grow thicker than they do long? While clippers made of low quality metals do slow down toenail growth, there is another reason your nail plates age.

Your Low Keratin Level Leads To Thick Toenails

Dr. Emily Splichal explains:
“Your toenail growth slows way down after you turn 40. That’s when the average person sees the visible consequences of Keratin decline. Keratin decline is also why your toenail plates erode, become ridged, split, and your cuticles dry out. Your toenail beds are producing damaged, “old” cells. When you combine that with slower toenail growth, you get thick, ingrown nail plates.”

For over two years, Dr. Splichal worked in the lab with other top chemists. They tested different combinations of natural ingredients to see what had the fastest effects on damaged toenail plates and beds. After a lot of trial and error, they arrived at a supplement they named Toenail Rescue.

“Toenail Rescue supplies your nail beds and nail plates with Keratin-restoring nutrition. These are the ingredients that provide the building blocks for stronger, smoother, faster-growing toenails. When we first introduced Toenail Rescue to our customers, we kept selling out. The response and feedback was so amazing, we decided to release a small batch of Toenail Rescue to the general public.”

See how you can try Swissklip Heavy Duty & Toenail Rescue for yourself.

About Dr. Splichal:

For years, Dr. Splichal has been personally helping her clients overcome painful and unsightly toenail problems. Some of her clients had painful arthritis and couldn’t contort to clip their toenails. She saw how many people suffered in-between visits and needed more help. So she worked with a company in Germany to handcraft the surgical-grade steel Swissklip Heavy Duty. Her passion for health led her to help formulate the industry-leading supplement Toenail Rescue.

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