Are These Advanced, Surgical Steel Clippers The Answer To Thick, “Senior” Toenails?

Plus, How Did Dr. Emily Splichal Help 1000s of People Restore Their Toenail Plates?

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Published May 21, 2024


Why are regular toenail clippers harmful to your toenail growth and thickness?

Well, there are certain facts of life, and “aging” toenails are one of them. You may not think of your toenails as something that ages, like your skin. But it’s true. Your toenails start rapidly aging in your 30s. It’s something that affects men and women alike (although men tend to exhibit worse symptoms.)

Here’s why toenails age:

Thick, brittle, split toenails happen when you run out of Keratin – the stuff your nails are made of. Keratin-decline is a problem that only gets worse with age, unless you stop it. As your internal supply of Keratin gets close to empty, your toenails stop growing in-length, and start getting thicker.

But there’s great news for people with thick, ingrown, slow-growing toenails!

According to Dr. Emily Splichal

“The kind of clippers you can get at drugstores make your toenails worse. They’re not nearly sharp enough to properly clip your toenails. The result? Your toenails are misshapen – making them grow slower, thicker, and more fragile with every use.”

Sounds pretty amazing, right? But what about all of the Keratin you’re losing? How can you get that Keratin back, and help restore the overall health and beauty of your toenails? Dr. Splichal commented on the situation. She said, “My company gets dozens of calls from our customers asking for a way to repair already damaged nail beds. We got so many inquiries that we went into the lab and developed a brand new toenail solution.”

Dr Splichal continued…

“After an unbelievable amount of trial and error, we finally arrived at our final formulation. It’s called Toenail Rescue. It’s a supplement that’s expertly formulated to, well, “supplement” the keratin nutrients you aren’t getting from your diet. Since offering Toenail Rescue to our customers, we’re releasing a fresh supply to the general public for the first time ever. The positive feedback has been overwhelming!”


I grew up barefoot or wearing flip flops. By the time I turned 30, my toenails looked completely chewed up. Cheap clippers gave me horrible ingrowns and hangnails. When I started using Swissklip, I was honestly shocked at the difference it made in my toenail thickness. Taking Toenail Rescue made my toenails grow like I’m a kid again. Highly recommended, 5 stars all the way!

Toenail Rescue is formulated to:

For a very limited time, Dr. Splichal is offering Swissklip Heavy Duty & Toenail Rescue for a low, introductory price. Supplies are also very limited, so get yours now.

Swissklip backs up their products with two amazing guarantees:

You have a full 60 days to try Toenail Rescue for yourself. If you aren’t seeing smoother, stronger, faster growing toenails, Swissklip will give you a full refund… no questions asked.

Swissklip Heavy Duty comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. If it breaks, dulls or isn’t working the same, we’ll send out a new one. Just like that. And if for ANY reason you aren’t satisfied with the Podiatrist-Quality Swissklip Heavy Duty, you have 60 days to receive 100% of your money back.

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