Are Thick, Brittle, Discolored Toenails A Fact of Life?
One Doctor Says, “No.”

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Published May 28, 2024


“Toenail growth slows down as we get older, but the production of cells doesn’t. So the cells just pile up on each other. That’s one of the top reasons for thick, brittle, jaggedy-looking toenails. Swissklip gives us Podiatrist-quality-grooming right in the comfort of our homes. Swissklip eliminates ingrowns with ease, and helps our toenails grow back healthier-looking than ever.” – Dr. Emily Splichal DPM

Does getting older mean our toenails need to look like this?

Here’s the reality...

The older we get, the thicker our toenails get. It’s nature, especially once you’re over 40. Your toenails’ growth slows down – way down. However, new cells are still constantly being produced, and they’re building up faster than you realize.

This build up of cells is making your toenails thicker & brittle.
(The wrong toenail clippers makes this worse too.)

These cells made in your nail bed, underneath your nail plate, rapidly accumulate on
top of each other. Over time, these accumulated cells become so dead and damaged,
the structure (Keratin) of your toenail plates start falling apart.

But one doctor’s research reveals that toenail health is much more of a science than
we originally believed.

Dr Emily Splichal said, “Using Forever Sharp, surgical steel clippers ensure perfectly clipped toenails, which reshape the way they grow, just like you’d get from me in my office right here in New York City. ”

Podiatrists agree...

The number one thing we can do is properly clip our nails, so they’re primed to grow correctly (as we age.) Unfortunately, regular ‘ol drugstore toenail clippers aren’t enough to get the job done right. They often leave toenails looking like they got chewed up by a wood chipper.

The worst thing we can do is use cheap toenail clipping tools to correct the problem. Cheap toenail clippers make the appearance of aging toenail worse. They also lead to more hangnails and ingrowns like nobody’s business.

The kind of problems that make your cuticles bleed, inflame – forcing you to wear open-toed shoes for any sense of comfort.

The good news is...

“Ugly” toenails aren’t inevitable, and you don’t need to see a top podiatrist to get your perfect toenails back either. Brand new, medical-grade technology makes it possible to prevent, regain and maintain youthful toenails for the rest of your life, literally guaranteed.

Dr Emily Splichal, a renowned
Doctor of Podiatry helped solve the problem.

With the help of German Engineers, we developed an affordable, high-end toenail clipper created out of surgical steel. It’s truly professional toenail grooming, made easy. This new handcrafted toenail tool is perfect for seniors who have a hard time staying bent over or deal with arthritis and inflammation in their hands.

Dr. Emily said, “Swissklip is a handcrafted toenail clipper. It perfectly grooms and repairs the thickest, most brittle nails. But unlike other toenail clippers, our surgical-grade steel and Forever Sharp Technology helps your toenails healthfully regrow, and regain their youthful appearance. No more cracked, sharp edges that make your toenails look beat up after grooming them.

” And no more toenail clippers that make your toenails regrow more damaged than ever.“

Dr. Emily Splichal’s invention is changing the way seniors are able to regain healthy-looking toenails. It replaces those cheap, damaging toenail clippers with true German Excellence.

But why do our toenails rapidly age in the first place?
It all begins & ends with your Keratin Reserves

Your toenail beds are made of Keratin. As Keratin declines with aging, it creates ridges and erosion in your nail beds. Keratin also accounts for a large part of your skin’s Epidermis. Let’s not forget 95% of your hair is made of Keratin. So, a rapid Keratin decline doesn’t just affect your toenails, it’s a major part of your skin and hair too.

Focusing on your toenails, the faster your Keratin declines, the more damaged your toenails look and feel. Dr. Splichal said, “Your toenails are made up of 80%+ Keratin, almost as much as your hair. The Standard American Diet contains barely any Keratin Nutrition. It would take literal tons of raw veggies and meats to naturally ramp up Keratin production. That’s why I helped formulate Toenail Rescue. It contains all of the essential nutritions that revives youthful Keratin production in mature bodies.”

Toenail Rescue helps replenish your Keratin production and reserves - from the inside, out.


Your B-Vitamins are important to help manage every single part of rapid aging, especially once you pass the 50+ mark. They “supplement” the body in having a stronger immune system, a more relaxed nervous system and natural, sustainable energy. Of course, B Vitamins are 110% critical for healthy nails, skin and hair.

PABA/B-10 Vitamin

The best way to prevent new… and more nail, skin and hair problems, you need ample PABA, which is another essential B-Vitamin. PABA acts as natural sunscreen to help prevent further Keratin and Collagen decline.

L-Tyrosine HCL

Everything in your body is built on amino acids. They link in 100s of ways to form the proteins and antioxidants, which are crucial for everything: hair, skin and especially toenails. When L-Tyrosine runs out, your toenails don’t have the “building materials” to restore healthy-looking nail beds or plates.

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“This clipper is sharp, so one must be careful but it clips with accuracy and precision. The device appears to be well made.

The company representatives are responsive and professional if you have questions for them.”

Deborah L.S

“Heavy duty. Well built. Easy to grip. Sharp as sharp can be. I lost a great deal of strength and steadiness in my hands following a stroke. The wide opening of the clipper made it easy to clip my own nails again. Between my loss of mobility and poor eyesight it was a frustrating task. Now it’s once again manageable and I can even handle my awfully thick nails.”

Michael W

“I’ve had the big toe nails operated on several times for ingrown nails, and one removed completely and allowed to regrow. It grew back successfully but is very thick. The SwissKlip does a great job cutting the very thick nail and all my other nails as well. I believe it’s the last nail clipper I will ever need to buy.”

Terry R

“They are the best I have ever had. My husbands toe nails are very tough and any other type of nail clippers just don’t work. I’m so happy I found these. They are wonderful”

Cynthia B

“The no-slip grips are fantastic. These things are RAZOR SHARP! These are easy to use even for us chubby people. They are also easy to clean. Who would have thought of that?

Thank you for making a device that works!”

Rose D.

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