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Got Thick, Brittle, Fungal-Infested Toenails?

Toenail Rescue Has All The Nutrients Your Body Requires To Produce Stronger, Clearer Toenail Plates From The Inside-Out

Repair Regrow Resurface

100% Natural Ingredients

Melatonin & Valerian Extracts

Non-Addictive Blend

100% Drug-Free Promise

Overnight Application

To fall asleep & stay asleep

Easy To Use

Simply peel, stick & sleep


Introducing Toenail Rescue…

Perfect-Looking Toenails From The Inside-Out

Swissklip Heavy Duty alone isn’t enough to have healthy-looking toenails. Your nail beds and nail plates need constant nutrition to grow (and regrow) stronger than ever before. When your body runs out of the nail-growing nutrients, they stop growing, and start breaking down. 






Revolutionary Nail Therapy

Easy To Use & Comfortable

Just peel, stick & sleep
Stays on all night

Slow Release Technology

Works overnight to help you
fall & stay asleep

100% All Natural Formula

Drug-Free & Non-Habit
Forming blend

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Patch Up & Bid Goodbye To Sleepless Nights

Helps Restore Keratin Levels

Just like your skin is mostly made of Type 1 Collagen, your toenails are mostly made of Keratin. As you get older, you lose Keratin. That’s why your toenails deteriorate as you get older. It’s too hard to keep up with the nutrients you lose on a daily basis with diet alone. Replacing those essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants with proper supplementation is crucial to get healthy nails back.

Speed Up Toenail Growth (The Happy Enemy of Thick Toenails)

As you get older, your toenails take longer and longer to grow in-length. But that doesn’t mean your nail bed isn’t producing new cells. In fact, new, damaged cells are being created everyday. But since your nails aren’t growing in-length anymore, due to a loss of nail-making-nutrients, those new cells just pile up. These damaged cells stack up and make your toenails thicker, brittle, and cloudy-looking (aka discolored.)

First Line of Defense Against Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus begins in the gut. Candida makes its home there. Here’s the thing, if you’ve ever taken a single round of antibiotics, you’re likely suffering from Dysbiosis. That’s when your gut is literally infested with bad bacteria and candida. In fact, toenail fungus and nail plate discoloration is a symptom of gut-dysbiosis. Our experts formulated Toenail Rescue with antifungal botanicals - proven to treat the source of all fungal infections.

Assists In Stopping New Fungal Growth (Affecting Other Symptoms)

If you don’t stop fungal infections and discoloration at the core, you’ll never get ahead of your toenail health. So we added PABA and L-Tyrosine - both shown to actually inhibit the duplication of gut-candida; the internal yeasts responsible for toenail fungus (as well as red, flakey, bumpy skin rashes and yeast infections/jock itch too.) So Toenail Rescue does a lot more than “just” help with visible fungus.

TOENAIL RESCUE Can Help You Live A Better & Fuller Life

Optimizes Brain Health & Activity

Boosts Focus & Memory Recall

Improves Mood & Happiness

Supercharges Performance

Promotes Optimal Health

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Why Do Your Toenails Age?

(Hint: You’re Keratin Deficient)

Just like every part of your body, there’s a daily minimum requirement of nutritional fuel. Your toenails aren’t any different. When you’re low in the nutrients that make fresh Keratin, it doesn’t just show up in your nails, it affects your hair and skin just as much.

So paying attention to your Keratin Fuel gauge is a big deal:

A lack of Keratin nutrition shows up in different ways… in different people:

Keratinocytes are a major part of what creates tight, smooth, lifted skin. Likewise, your hair is made up of 95% Keratin. So, what do you think is happening to your hair and skin with an empty Keratin Fuel Tank? Well, if your toenails are unhealthy, your hair and skin aren’t too far behind. The consequences aren’t pretty either.

When your toenails run out of Keratin (starting in your 20s,) they visibly fall apart:

Your toenails virtually stop growing in-length

(That’s WHY your toenails get thicker so fast)

The damage that running low on Keratin causes… compounds; it gets worse. In other words, the worse your toenails get, the worse they’re going to get. Same with your hair. Same with your skin. So, you have to replenish and refuel what restores healthy Keratin levels… from the inside… out.

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Ingredients You Need To Regrow Healthy-Looking Toenails

Formulated & Recommended By Podiatrists


Aside from an abundance of B-Vitamins, Toenail Repair has therapeutic levels of Biotin in every capsule. It helps restore worn down parts of your toenails, so they don’t just regrow faster but also reclaim their natural, youthful shape.


Once you’re over 40, a fungal infection called Onychomycosis often infests your nail beds. These little yeasts eat away at your nail plates – creating the ridged look and feel. Pretty gross, huh? Toenail Rescue eliminates these nasty little yeasts from the inside… at the core.

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3 Simple Steps To A Restful Night Of Sleep

Step 1

Peel Off

Zleep patches are adhered to a protective film to ensure maximum efficacy & freshness until use. Just peel it and get ready.

Step 2

Stick On

Next, stick the Zleep patch to a clean & preferably hairless part of the body such as shoulders, inner forearms, stomach, upper thighs.

Step 3

Lights Out

Let Zleep's sleep-ingredient layer release the formula overnight into the body to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer & wake up refreshed.

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It's Time To Make A Healthy & Safe Switch

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It’s simple. You’ll save more money on your purchase today. You’re under zero obligation to keep your subscription. You’ll just save more money today. That’s it. Plus, when Toenail Rescue works, you’ll enjoy the extra savings.

If you’re over 40, you’ll ideally want to take Toenail Rescue for at least 2 months, especially if you’re dealing with fungus. That’s why we recommend getting two bottles. You’ll be covered for the first two months, and you’ll save more money.

Due to high demand, inventory is extremely limited. So take advantage of this special offer while it’s still available and supplies last.

Our team of biochemists and health experts combined important amino acids, proteins and antioxidants to repair the root causes of damaged toenails. These ingredients, like Saw Palmetto, are just as important for your hair and skin. So taking Toenail Rescue for the long term is highly recommended to constantly replenish your nails, hair and skin Keratin Fuel.

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