"Grandma’s breath smells like a toilet!” How my mom finally got white teeth and fresh breath after decades of dangerous plaque buildup.

You won’t believe how good your teeth will look

“Grandma’s breath smells like a toilet!”

The kids were giggling, but my mother was nearly in tears.

None of her grandkids wanted to give a kiss because of her bad breath.

I can’t say I blame them, but man, it just crushed her.

You should just let them rip out all your teeth and get dentures.

My dad was no help, of course.

“Dentures are great! Your teeth are never going to look good, Mary.”

“I want to keep my teeth! There has to be a way.”

And she was right.

It’s called the Plaque Blaster. Click here to learn all about it.

My mother always struggled with yellow teeth and bad breath.

It’s not like she didn’t try. She was religious about cleaning her teeth.

Brush. Floss. Mouthwash. Twice a day.

I never knew anyone who cleaned their teeth as much as she does…

But her teeth were still yellow, and her breath was awful. You couldn’t have a conversation with her without getting a whiff.

See for yourself:

Luckily, I found a new device that removed years of plaque from her teeth and made them incredibly white in just a few minutes.

The Plaque Blaster fixed her yellow teeth and bad breath in just minutes, and I found a 50% discount here. <<<

It was probably the best birthday present I ever got her!

The Plaque Blaster vibrates and scrapes the plaque off, just like the device they use at the dentist…

Except she didn’t have to pay $400 to get her teeth clean!

Going to the dentist for a cleaning costs a ton of money, and I don’t know anyone who can afford to go once a week.

But the Plaque Blaster is safe to use on a regular basis, and it keeps your teeth incredibly clean in between dentist visits.

Her confidence is through the roof.

I’ve never seen my mother like this before.

She’s so proud of her teeth, smiling more often, and of course…

Very happy to be kissing her grandkids again.

No one wants to feel like everyone is avoiding them or standing ten feet away because of your breath.

Now everyone in my family has a Plaque Blaster, and our family photos are looking a lot better. Check it out:

Casey Montell
Casey Montell
Verified Buyer
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I’ve only been using the PLaque Blaster for five days, and already, the results have astounded me. I can’t believe how visibly the plaque is receding. I love this: game-changer
Mark Peterkin
Mark Peterkin
Verified Buyer
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My wife, who’s a dentist, told me this is their worst nightmare because they’re not needed anymore for plaque removal! Their nightmare is our dream!!
Sienna Lee
Sienna Lee
Verified Buyer
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My fear of the dentist keeps me from going for regular teeth cleaning. But after I discovered the Plaque Blaster, I didn’t need to go nearly as often! The results are simply excellent, and I feel so much better about myself.

Plaque Blaster has released a brief video promotion to help viewers find out more about how their incredible Plaque Remover can help you with your dangerous tartar buildup!

This video contains crucial information for anyone who suffers from plaque/tartar, bad breath and teeth stains. And as a special bonus the Plaque Blaster team is offering anyone who watches the video a 50% discount today.

So take advantage. Watch the short video promotion and secure your 50% off opportunity before it’s too late.


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