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Swissklip Plaque Blaster Safely Removes Plaque and Tartar From Teeth and Dentures - With Dentist Quality Cleaning

Eliminate bad breath germs and plaque without any discomfort and save hundreds of dollars!

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Over 10,503+ Happy Customers!


If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results, we don’t want your money. No hassles, no questions asked.


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If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results, we don’t want your money. No hassles, no questions asked.

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Tested and Recommended By Renowned Dentists Like Dr Laurel Gans.

Experience Dental-Quality Cleaning at Home with Dentist-Recommended Swissklip Plaque Blaster

Trust the expertise of renowned dentist Laurel Gans from Cleveland, Ohio and discover Swissklip Plaque Blaster, the ultimate solution for effective plaque removal.

Developed with premium materials, the same found in industrial devices, and with the input from top oral care professionals, this clinically tested device provides quick professional-grade cleaning in the comfort of your home, with sonic vibrations that are gentle even for the most sensitive teeth and gums.

“With 12,000 gentle vibrations per minute, the Plaque Blaster breaks down and eliminates stubborn plaque and tartar, even after years of buildup.
This is an easy, efficient, and low-cost way to improve your smile and your oral health at home in between dentist visits.”
– Dr Laurel Gans, DDS

Last-Generation Ultrasonic Technology for Effortless Plaque Removal

12,000 gentle ultrasonic vibrations per minute for a bright and health smile

Discover a painless, gentle, and affordable solution for plaque and tartar removal with Swissklip Plaque Blaster. Powered by advanced ultrasonic waves, this innovative at-home device offers dental-quality cleaning without any discomfort. The ultrasonic waves vibrate at high speed, delicately breaking apart plaque and tartar buildup, providing a thorough and gentle cleaning experience.

How Swissklip Plaque Blaster Works

It’s easy and fast to have you smiling with confidence again


The Plaque Blaster’s cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing oral care, making it one of the most sought-after gadgets in the industry.

Premium Medical Grade Materials

The Plaque Blaster is made with medical grade steel alloy and food-grade silicone. Made to be safe and last long, so you’ll get a lifetime of use out of your Plaque Blaster.

5 Gentle Gear Settings

Plaque Blaster features 5 different gear settings that allow you to personalize your cleaning.


Compact and Rechargeable

The Plaque Blaster comes with its own USB charging cable. It is compact and very easy to take with you and the ergonomic design makes it very easy to handle. Even people with mobility issues will easily reach all their teeth.

Safe & Painless

Plaque Blaster is designed to upgrade your oral care hygiene and ensure security and convenience for your routine.

People Everywhere Are Amazed With The Swissklip Plaque Blaster Results


Rated 4.9/5 by 10,000+ Customers

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 321 reviews
CRAIG P. (Cambria, US)
Plaque Blaster

I've used it 3 times in 2 weeks, and it seems to be making a difference. My teeth feel cleaner to the touch of my tongue.

I'll keep going, as it feels very similar to what my dental hygienist does.

Patricia W.
Ultrasonic cleaning at home

I really like the product. Seems to be efficient so far. Customer service is great. The best ever!

Anonymous (Surrey, CA)

works very feeling of discompfort

Brenda H. (Houston, US)
Pretty Amazing Device

I have periodontal gum disease so it is very important to get dental cleanings twice
a year. I have had the perio under control now for many years. This device gives me a new level of control of these issues. It is such a game changer in my world. Fabulous device!

After using the device, my teeth feel so clean and slick just like they feel after a dental hygienist has cleaned them. I cannot wait to go to my next cleaning because it is certain that I will show even more improvement overall. This invention is so valuable to me! I am in awe of the true effectiveness and will always have a plaque blaster or 2 in my home stock.

Lorene E. (Portland, US)
It works!

At first it didn't do much, then I used a bit of pressure and got most of the placque off of my teeth. I will continue to use it several times a week! Love it!

Jorj. J.


My hygienist said I had a lot less build up on my teeth. I was relieved, because in the past , my checkups were much longer. She was impressed and so was I. It even worked out for my partial. Thank you.

Judith A.C.


I like how this plaque blaster works. My teeth feel so clean after I use it. Great product!

Lisa J.


I am loving the Plaque Blaster!! I have always had a build up of plaque on my teeth and have to go to the dentist 4 times a year for cleanings. Now using this I can take care of this problem at home. It works great and I am so glad I purchased it!

30-Day Results or Refund Guarantee - Risk-Free Purchase

Try it RISK-FREE for 30 days. If you don’t love teeth and smile looking brighter and younger, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive a full, 100% refund.

Just contact our amazing customer support team via e-mail at and ask for a full refund.


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Our customers say


based on 10,000+ reviews!

- Thomas A.

Posted on

Each Team person I have had was very attentive in their work relationship with me. They all write their emails so professionally, and well worded I must say. I have been using Shine Foam every day and must say I already see a difference how whiter my teeth are. I cannot thank Swissklip enough for this product.

- Janice M.

Posted on

The products are amazing! Customer service is great, which is rare these days.

- Bob L.

Posted on

The product works well. Works much better than other products I’ve used. Not an overnight treatment but well worth the effort over a couple weeks. Use it everyday. Highly recommended.


Yes, it is totally safe. We recommend you start with the gentle mode for the first time to familiarize yourself with its use. At the same time, we also remind you not to let the cleaning head stay in the same place for more than 5 seconds.

We recommend that you first consult with a dental professional before using the Plaque Blaster on any implants, veneers, bridges or crowns.

No, we don’t recommend using it on metal implants.

It comes with a USB charging cord that you can use with your laptop or cellphone regular power adapter.

No, it doesn’t damage teeth, but we recommend taking preventive measures as the best option before using this device.

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