I Never Thought Something So Simple Could Restore My Confidence…

How This 54-Year Old Woman Got Her Picture-Perfect Smile Again… Without Seeing a Dentist

“Uhm…So, what’s up with your teeth?”

You won’t believe how good your teeth will look

Here I am:
A 54-year-old woman on a first date since my divorce in 2019…
And my date Jim has just turned into a nightmare.
The truth is… I haven’t seen a dentist since COVID started…
(I’m in a high-risk group, being a diabetic.)
And now… It’s showing.

Every time I run my tongue over my teeth…I can feel an icky, yellow layer of plaque…
No matter how hard I brush or floss…
(Both of which I do daily…
Always followed by rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash!)

And to make it worse…
Things aren’t all that great in the breath department, either. So, if a thorough routine is NOT enough to stave off this nastiness…Why haven’t I gone to the dentist, you ask?

I live in a small rural community an hour away from the nearest one…
But to tell you the truth…The real reason why I’ve been putting it off is…


I have serious dental anxiety because of how bad things have gotten.
And if I don’t do something about it…
Things WILL become worse. Much worse.

It’s so easy to use, and the results are incredible.

Why is Dental Plaque so Harmful?

Plaque does WAY more damage than just a bruised ego!
It’s that sticky film of bacteria constantly forming on your teeth…
Regardless of how much you brush your teeth or floss.


What’s worse…It only takes 2 days for plaque to harden…

Turn into tartar and start wreaking havoc in your mouth.
See, tartar leads to bad breath and gum problems (think bleeding, swollen and inflamed gums)… Destroys enamel which protects your teeth…
And can even cause cavities, gingivitis, serious gum and teeth infections, and tooth decay.


“You MUST Try This!
It’s Gonna Blast That Plaque Away”

It’s so easy to use, and the results are incredible.

The first thing I did when I returned from that humiliating date?
Call my best friend. Mary has always had the brightest smile and white, well-taken care of teeth. She listened to me patiently and then said:

“I know just what you need. You must try this! It’s gonna blast that plaque away!”
“Does it involve seeing a dentist?” I asked hesitantly.
“Nope. But it will give you a similar quality of deep cleaning. You can do it at home and in just 5 minutes.

Turns out, Mary’s best friend was a successful dentist running his own clinic.
He recommended her a device called Plaque Blaster:

A plaque and tartar scraper he swore by, so much so…
That he was recommending it to his patients to keep their dental hygiene up to scratch between visits. Mary was using it, too!

“Look, it’s 100% safe, fast, and no-fuss. It will get rid of plaque, calculus and all the stains… I know how much you love your coffee!

What Makes Plaque Blaster Different?

So far, I have tried everything to get rid of the stains and tartar buildup — including:

Casey Montell
Casey Montell
Verified Buyer
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I’ve only been using the PLaque Blaster for five days, and already, the results have astounded me. I can’t believe how visibly the plaque is receding. I love this: game-changer

But NOTHING worked.

So when Mary waltzed into my house with a surprisingly sleek and stylish box with:

  • 1 Plaque Blaster device
  • 1 Sharp cleaning head
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Was I skeptical? You bet!

But I was sick and tired of covering my mouth in front of people. I was desperate to get my oral health back — bright smile included!

Turns out, Plaque Blaster was made by a Swiss dentist for seniors he was volunteering for.

He was upset by the lack of quality, simple and effective at-home teeth cleaning solutions… And went to work on designing a premium plaque and blaster removal tool.

Plaque Blaster uses high-frequency motor and whopping 8000 rotations per minute…
Literally blasting off the stubborn plaque, calculus and those gross teeth stains from drinking wine, smoking or enjoying your coffee.

It’s made of food-grade silicone and surgical stainless steel — safe and easy to use on all teeth types. Plus, its 5 gears allow you to choose the optimal speed and intensity — depending on your comfort level.

And its ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable grip, precision, and ease of use.

There were no two ways about it: Plaque Blaster looked good.

But will it deliver on its promises?

Putting Plaque Blaster to the Test

“Only one way to find out!” Mary announced cheerfully.

I took out the device from the box and charged it. It felt comfy yet sturdy in my hand.
This wasn’t some piece of cheap plastic bound to fall apart any second! I pressed the big button to turn it on and chose the lowest gear.

The cleaning was SHOCKINGLY simple and fast. No pain or discomfort.
I even reached the back teeth with ease. And spots under the gum line (where the infection-causing bacteria likes to live!).

By the time I finished, that fuzzy tooth feeling was gone. And so was the nasty buildup! Those stubborn coffee stains? They went POOF just like that, too!

I cleaned the metal head easily by rinsing it under warm tap water. And just like that, I had my first teeth and gum cleaning in over 2 years. And when I smiled while looking in the mirror… I started crying tears of joy.

My teeth were whiter, brighter and visibly cleaner. I won’t have to hide my smile EVER AGAIN.

OK, Here Goes My Final Verdict

I will be upfront with you. Is Plaque Blaster the same as getting a professional deep cleaning at the dentist?

No. A professional can reach all the nooks and crannies better than you or me.

But it’s the second best thing! What you get is VERY close to professional-grade cleaning, and it’s light years ahead of other at-home solutions.

Plus, it’s really affordable. Normally you can get it for under 100 bucks, which is a total steal — especially when compared to going to the dentist.

But the company that makes it has just announced a special promo:

Order your Plaque Blaster today, and you get 50% OFF!

That’s right. Now you can get 2 for the price of 1… And surprise a loved one with a thoughtful and practical gift.

Whether you want to take care of your teeth between the dentist visits, or use it as a standalone solution…

This device will BLAST AWAY the bacteria, plaque and tartar buildup — plus teeth discoloration, stains and bacteria-caused foul breath.

And put a smile back on your face!

UPDATE: 3 Months Later

My confidence went up with using Plaque Blaster and my new smile makeover.
So much so that I finally booked a dental appointment!
And the doctor was shocked when he saw my teeth.

According to him, they were so clean…That he couldn’t believe the last time I saw him was before the pandemic!

“Whatever you’re doing… Keep doing it” was his advice.

Don’t mind if I do!

And Jim?

His lack of tact is a deal-breaker for me.

But with a new smile, my love luck has changed, too. I recently met a wonderful, kind man who is a much better fit for me. In fact, I’m going to grab this offer while it lasts…And get him a Plaque Blaster of his own!


We give Plaque Blaster the green light. Made of premium materials, lightweight and portable, this is the best-buy option for at-home plaque and tartar removal.

Grab this time-limited opportunity and get 50% OFF…
Or 2 X Plaque Blasters for the price of 1.

Our advice: get it now before the price inevitably hikes up!

Plus, you’re covered by the manufacturer’s 100% Money Back Guarantee — valid for 14 days after purchase.


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