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Our mission is to make you look good, make you feel good - and make it easy to do both.

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If you don’t love having trimmed and neat nose hairs, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive a full, 100% refund.


Designed and engineered in Germany. Handmade with the highest quality materials. Built to last a lifetime.


Our professional customer support team is always here to help you with any questions or problems.


Swissklip 360 Bundle

4x Swissklip 360’s


Cuticle Cutter Bundle

4x Swissklip Cuticle Cutter’s


Heavy Duty Bundle

4x Swissklip Heavy Duty


Nail Buffer Bundle

4x Swissklip Nail Buffer’s


All-Round Bundle

1x Swissklip 360, 1x  Swissklip Heavy Duty, 1x Swissklip Cuticle Cutter & 1x Swissklip Nail Buffer


Nailed It Bundle

1x Swissklip Heavy Duty & 1x Swissklip 360


Happy Hands Bundle

1x Organic Hand Cream & 1x Organic Hand Sanitizer


Shine On Bundle

1x Nail buffer & 1x Replacement pads


Customer Reviews
Based on 248 reviews

I have just used my SwissKlip and 360 Nail clippers. Everything is true about them. Very easy to use even left-handed. Easy to use with my arthritic hands with what seems like minimal pressure. The angle eases the twisting turning of the past clipper types. They take cutting nails a task to something to look forward to. My wife just had a professional pedicure so I'll have to wait to let her experience the ease and pleasure of using your products. Thanks so much.

I received my order and am very happy with both the callus remover and heavy duty clipper. I have used pad sanders on my feet to slow the process of wearing out my socks and the callus remover was much quicker, easier and quiet.

The Heavy Duty clipper hasn't fully been put to the test of a complete clip job but has shown to be very effective on some trimming.

Thank you

Great! By the way..,I really like both of the Swissklip's I orderedthey work great. I will probably gift the extra 360! Thanks again, Sharon

Just received my clippers and they are great. I have purchased about three different heavy duty clippers in the past and have been disappointed in them. Most don't open wide enough to properly grasp the nail. I could cut my dogs nails with these clippers. I am a nurse and am very comfortable clipping my own nails and now I don't have to rely on the podiatrist. Thanks for a great product.

I like the Swissklip that we ordered.

Super terrific. Thank You!

Your company provides great products! So far I have purchased the toe nail clipper, the callus remover and the now the nose hair clipper. So far, your products have been remarkable! As a runner, that callus remover has been a Godsend and keeps permitting me to keep running half marathons at age 76. Thank you for your assistance today!

The finished product is impressive. I have been using a pair of Mayo scissors since 1960. Compliments of a doctor who needed some head sutures.

The clipper works great.

excellent product

The husband uses these more than the power trimmers. They have a larger cutting surface and never require batteries. Fastest and most effective.

This is an excellent product. Does a great job. I believe it will last forever. Recommend.

This is good. I have recommended it to others

It's hard to get really close, but overall it's a well-made and easy-to-use product.

Nose Hair Trimmer
Matthew D.

It solved the problem I was having. It does a good job of trimming, and it's quiet. This seems to be a well-made product.

Because of my electric trimmer's loud, high-pitched noise, I bought this product. Having owned a couple of different electric trimmers, I feel like I'm going to damage my hearing from their loud sound.

I have no idea how I struggled with small scissors for so long. Another thing I like is that it doesn't require batteries or charging, it can be used with one hand, and it looks great.

??My favorite purchase for a long time. Every time I use it, I tell my wife how much I love this nose hair trimmer. This might sound strange, but I really do!

I have found this to be the best product on the market. My favorite aspect of it is the side board refills. There aren't many products that have those

Thank you for sharing this product with me. My long work trip required me to leave polish at home. After trying this on a whim, I was hooked. Those white pads make my nails look incredibly shiny. Basically, it's a thin top coat. A good gift idea, too. I will definitely continue to buy this.

I love this thing and it takes a lot for me to be impressed by it. It's so nice that I can arrange the polishing or sanding pads however I want. I'm a man, so I am a little bit rougher on my stuff, so the refills were definitely a plus. The shine is excellent as well!

A similar one I had in the past (maybe not the same brand). After several different nail polishes, I needed something to keep my nails smooth. These work great. As long as they're left alone, my nails do not have any issues and this helps me to use different polishes while they stay that way.

I received this yesterday and used it immediately with great results. It was easy to use and left my nails gleaming. Also purchased replacements for the blocks. I see no reason why a person who follows the directions shouldn't also get excellent results. I cleaned the files with a soft brush without using any water. The results were good.

Nail Buffer
Ella J.

It was definitely worth the money! Usually I don't leave reviews, but I just had to. I tried it out since they looked really bad after I removed my gel nails, and now they look so polished without any nail polish. This is a 5 star product that I would highly recommend!

Nail Buffer
Charlotte S.

Pads are easily worn out but polishes well