ShineFoam Teeth Whitening Foam

Whiten teeth and remove years of stains in just a few minutes a day.

  • Whiter, healthier, younger-looking teeth
  • Visible results in under a month
  • Powerful yet gentle revolutionary formula. Proudly Made in the USA

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Rapid Effective Whitening

Most people will notice results in under 30 days, with many customers reporting visible improvements in as early as 14 days! Even years of stains will be erased fast.

Works on Coffee Stains and Tobacco Stains

Even if you have decades of coffee and tobacco stains, our effective formula will lift those stains off your teeth fast.

Safe and Gentle Formula

No dangerous chemicals. No nasty taste. Just a pure, gentle clean that tastes great.

Perfect for Sensitive Teeth

People with sensitive teeth and gums will love our Whitening Foam. It’s formulated for a deep clean that doesn’t irritate.

Made in the USA

American made with pride in a highly regulated factory, following the strictest health and safety protocols.

Great Taste

The pleasant, minty flavor of this Whitening Foam is delightful – and not too intense.

How To Use Teeth Whitening Foam

Yes, Swissklip Whitening Foam powerful yet gentle formula is totally safe to use.

Most people get clearly visible results in 30 days, however some of our customers have reported improvements in as early as 14 days.

Swissklip Whitening Foam is proudly made in the US.

The product is not recommended for use by children under 12 years old. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse your eyes with water.

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