Plaque Blaster – Plaque Remover for Teeth

Say goodbye to plaque, dental calculus & tartar once and forever with our plaque remover for teeth. A beautiful & bright smile doesn’t cost a fortune!

  • Remove the more significant, tough plaque and calculus
  • Safely removes plaque-related stains from tooth surfaces
  • Combats bad breath and remove plaque, tartar and surface bacteria
  • Helps eliminate bacteria around the gums
  • Five modes for better cleaning

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Make Your Teeth Look Brighter And Shinier Like Never Before!

If you are considering getting treatment for removing plaque,  or tartar build-up, Plaque Blaster is the Ultimate Plaque Remover for Teeth.

Choosing the safest, quickest, and equipped with the latest technology plaque remover is the need of the hour that not only effectively treats all these problems but leaves your breath fresh and mouth clean all the time.

Stop Spending Hefty Amounts On Dental Treatments!

Removing plaque from teeth is one of the most important steps in your dental hygiene routine, and regular dental visits can also be expensive and time-consuming.

Plaque Blaster is a quick, safe and easy way to remove plaque, tartar, food particles and tooth debris with high-frequency vibrations, leaving you with an all-clean bright smile.

Plaque Blaster Helps You Get Rid Of Stubborn Dental Stains, Tartar And Plaque Safely & Effectively

Super Safe And Durable

The Plaque Blaster plaque remover for teeth uses safe food-grade silicone and medical-grade steel alloy that is safe to use on all teeth types.

Side effects and unwanted reactions will never be a problem when you treat & clean your teeth with this safe and easy-to-use tartar remover, dental calculus remover and teeth cleaner.

5 Gears For Ultimate Cleaning

Five gears allow you to adjust your level of cleaning to suit your preference and comfort.
You can adjust the gears through the upper and lower adjustment buttons and remove plaque from the tooth surface that needs treatment—no need for floss, water flosser, or mouthwash.

High-Frequency Treatment

31,000 rotations per minute, high-frequency vibrations effectively smash stubborn tartar and dental calculus, reducing the damage to the enamel and gum, which manual dental tools may cause.
The silicone handle with an ergonomic grip ensures you get the desired grip during the sensitive treatment.


At-home Dental Cleaning

This plaque remover for teeth allows you professional level cleaning from the comfort of your own home.

Not only will you have your teeth cleaner, but you will save money on expensive dental hygienist visits! You’ll get twice the benefits with this plaque remover for teeth.


Causes Less Enamel Damage

Plaque Blaster is an ideal plaque remover for teeth, if you have weakened enamel or sensitive teeth, and will not leave you with chipped teeth like this photo! 

It works by using high-frequency vibrations to knock plaque and tartar off and away from the teeth effectively. It emits high-frequency vibrations capable of disintegrating a compact mass of calcified dental calculus like dental tartar.


Less Painful & Eliminate Teeth Stains

Tough stains may occur because of plaque buildup accumulation on the teeth if left untreated. The best way to remove them is to use the Plaque Blaster, which would make your teeth whiter & plaque-free and could help prevent tooth decay.

It utilizes high-frequency vibrations, so it is a less invasive and more gentle procedure than manual treatment that needs to apply significant pressure to the tooth, typically resulting in discomfort and pain.

plaque blaster Key Benefit #4

Destroys Harmful Bacteria

The tiny tip of Plaque Blaster infiltrates into periodontal pockets compared to most devices that can’t do the similar. It eliminates plaque and tartar in the safest & fastest way possible

Plaque Blaster vibrations produce oxygen bubbles in deep pockets, helping to destroy harmful bacteria growing in that area, ultimately forestalling gum disease and tooth decay.

How To Use the Plaque Blaster - Plaque Remover
Plaque Blaster - Plaque Remover FAQs

The Swissklip Plaque Blaster is widely recognized as the Best Plaque Remover available today.

Its innovative design combines high-frequency vibrations with a safe, medical-grade steel alloy and food-grade silicone, making it incredibly effective yet gentle on all types of teeth.

With its ability to deliver 31,000 rotations per minute, the Plaque Blaster excels at removing stubborn tartar, dental calculus, and stains, ensuring a thorough clean without causing enamel damage or discomfort.

It’s equipped with five adjustable gears, allowing you to customize your cleaning experience to your specific needs.

Moreover, its ergonomic silicone handle provides a comfortable grip, enhancing its ease of use.

By choosing the Swissklip Plaque Blaster, you not only achieve professional-level dental cleaning at home but also save on costly dental visits.

Its unique ability to penetrate deep periodontal pockets and eliminate harmful bacteria further sets it apart as the Best Plaque Remover for maintaining optimal dental hygiene.

Yes, Plaque Blaster is totally safe. We recommend you start with the gentle mode for the first time to familiarize yourself with its use. At the same time, we also remind you not to let the cleaning head stay in the same place for more than 5 seconds. Swissklip cares for teeth cleaning and this is a great tool to do so! 

The Plaque Blaster reviews are overwhelmingly positive with a staggering 86% of customers giving top ratings, it’s evident that this is the Best Plaque Remover, a game-changer in dental care.

Customers rave about its ease of use and effectiveness against hard tartar and plaque.

They appreciate the significant difference it makes in oral care, highlighting its superiority over knock-off brands.

Customers are also impressed by its quiet operation, ease of handling, and stationary tip, emphasizing its user-friendliness.

These Plaque Blaster Reviews underscore the ability to deliver professional-level cleaning at home.

The Plaque Blaster is not just a plaque remover; it’s a comprehensive dental health solution that also combats bad breath, eliminates bacteria, and safeguards against tooth decay and gum disease.

In summary, the Swissklip Plaque Blaster stands out as the Best Plaque Remover on the market, delivering on its promise for a brighter, healthier smile without the need for expensive and time-consuming dental treatments.

It’ll be easy to use as you already use an electric toothbrush.

It gets better with daily usage, and you will definitely see results! You can also adjust the speed to keep the cleaning speed under control.

No, we don’t recommend using Plaque Blaster on metal implants.

It’ll be easy to use as you already use an electric toothbrush. It gets better with daily usage, and you will definitely see results! You can also adjust the speed to keep the discomfort under control if it occurs.

Plaque Blaster comes with a USB charging cord that you can use with your laptop or plug.

No, Plaque Blaster doesn’t damage teeth, but we recommend taking preventive measures as the best option before using this device.

Absolutely! Ultrasonic tooth cleaners like the Swissklip Plaque Blaster are expertly designed to efficiently clear away and remove plaque and tartar remover for teeth, ensuring your teeth stay healthy and clean.

Using specialized dental tools like Swissklip Plaque Blaster, designed for safe home use, can be an effective and safe way to remove plaque. The plaque remover is specifically created to clean teeth gently and effectively, reducing the risk of damaging your teeth or gums. It’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult with a dental professional for personalized advice.

Yes, it’s safe and recommended. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning, like our Plaque Blaster, is favored by many dentists due to its gentle yet effective approach, causing less damage compared to traditional teeth scaling. Consult with a dental professional for personalized advice.

Unremoved plaque eventually hardens into tartar, which is challenging to remove with just brushing and flossing. The Swissklip Plaque Blaster is specially designed to tackle tartar and remove plaque effectively.

The Swissklip Plaque Blaster is far more effective than traditional brushing and flossing in removing plaque, ensuring your teeth are thoroughly clean.

Removing tartar can initially make teeth feel looser due to the removal of buildup in gum pockets, but it doesn’t increase the risk of tooth loss. In fact, it promotes healthier gums and teeth.

To achieve a dentist-like clean at home, use the Swissklip Plaque Blaster. Its advanced technology ensures a thorough and professional-level dental cleaning experience right in the comfort of your home.

Plaque removers for teeth when used correctly, are safe and do not damage teeth. They are designed to efficiently remove plaque and tartar while minimizing harm to enamel and gums.

Yes, the Plaque Blaster plaque remover is designed with safety in mind. The plaque remover uses gentle, high-frequency vibrations and medical-grade materials, making it safe for teeth and gums.

It’s not recommended to scrape off tartar yourself with DIY methods. Using a specialized plaque remover like the Plaque Blaster is safer and more effective.

Using a plaque remover to remove dental calculus at home, coffee stains and teeth stains alike; like the Plaque Blaster, is safe when following the manufacturer’s instructions and using it as intended for home dental care.

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