Callus Remover Foot Scrubber

Painless experience that makes your skin
restored to its beautiful soft texture

  • Foot file for dry and cracked heels
  • Extremely effective, extremely safe
  • Designed surface that ensures proper coverage of your foot
  • Safeguard technology
  • Easy to hold, smooth, non-slip base made of ABS

$24.99 only


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Fine and Sharp Holes on Double-Sided Blade

The blade has sharp holes that get rid of dead skin in the finest possible way. It also has a fine side for a more comfortable massaging feel. Holes design cover feet completely which allows you to work with ease, in up and down directions to give quick smoothness. With its curved structure, our foot scrubber can reach even the most difficult areas of your feet.


Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle

Strong, easy to hold handle will support your natural hands movement wonderfully. Non-slip ABS resin frosted texture work towards perfect control as you brush away. Only takes a few swipes to give smooth, baby soft feet again.


Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

Long-lasting stainless steel file is perfect for either wet and dry feet. It allows safe sterilization, prevents corrosion and it is a complete painless experience as your skin is restored to its beautiful soft texture.