Reusable Swab

Switch from your plastic and cotton
swabs once and for all.

  • Eco-friendly and zero-waste, they’re made of natural material
  • Two pairs of fixed tips, that are firmly attached
  • Easy to clean

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Eco-Friendly Zero-Waste

Did you know that there are more cotton swabs in the ocean than fish. 2 Billion cotton swabs are thrown away each day only in the United States. Our Swissklip Reusable Swab is made out of natural material: 100% recycled plastic and it comes in a 100% bamboo carry case . Making it a complete zero waste product. You would not need to buy cotton swabs any more.


Two Pair Of Fixed Tips

Tips of our swab are firmly attached compared to cotton ones that often finish in your ear canal making it itchy and irritated. You can use it for anything without worrying ever about tips falling off. It comes in a pair of 2 – the first version with a fine tip: one side with a pointy tip and the other with a round traditional tip. The second version is made with roughy tips for easier ear wax cleaning.


Easy To Clean

Our reusable swab is created for long-lasting use easy to take care of. Wash away the tips of a swab or sanitize with alcohol and it will be ready for your next use. The product comes with a case that makes taking care of swab even easier and the plus is you can carry it anywhere.