Perfect Kiss Bundle

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Swissklip Teeth Whitening Foam × 8

Swissklip Teeth Whitening Foam removes years of stains in just a Few Minutes a Day!

  • Whiter, healthier, younger-looking teeth
  • Visible results in under a month
  • Powerful yet gentle revolutionary formula. Proudly Made in the USA

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Organic Natural Lip Balm

It’s time to take care of your lips more than ever with the Swissklip Natural Lip Balm.

Moisturize your lips with the touch of our Organic Lip Balm with Vitamin E!

  • Helps to prevent changes in the skin texture of lips.
  • Safeguard your lips from radical damage (the primary source of lips darkening over time)
  • Restores skin hydration, keeping lips soft and supple
  • Repair & protect the lips from damage caused by harmful UV rays
  • Locks the moisture in and protect your lips from dryness and dehydration

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Natural Organic Mouthwash

Get rid of all the oral hygiene problems & invest in your health with the Swissklip Natural Organic Mouthwash

  • Freshens the breath for a more extended period
  • It helps in preventing gingivitis
  • Eliminate harmful bacteria without targeting good bacteria
  • Naturally derived formula, safe and effective
  • Gentle for even the most sensitive mouths

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