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4 of the Best Nail Clippers for Seniors

As we age, our toenails can become thicker and more brittle. This fact, coupled with more limited mobility, dexterity, or eyesight means that trimming your toenails can become a difficult task. And regular drugstore nail clippers won’t cut it anymore. 


Thankfully, there are many different designs of nail clippers out there and don’t all look like the tiny, silver type you’re imagining. In this guide, we’ll go through the different types of nail clippers available on the market and the pros and cons of them all to help you find the best option for you. 

1. Nail scissors – best for shaping

Image of a pair of nail scissors. Small scissors used for trimming nails.

Nail scissors are exactly what they sound like: tiny scissors you can use on your nails. They have very fine, sharp lades to help get to your nails from any angle. Some nail scissors have curved blades for a more natural nail shape while others have straight blades that need to be angled as you trim. 


– Sharp for a clean cut
– Small blades mean they can reach tricky angles


– They can be tricky to use to get the right shape on your toenails

– Easier to slip than other styles of clippers making them unsuitable for unsteady hands.

2. Electric nail trimmers – best for a smooth finish

Image of an electric nail trimmer. A gadget designed to file down nails using a rotating file tool.

Electric nail trimmers are a relatively new addition to the market. These gadgets consist of some kind of rotating part that files down your nails and are popular for parents as they can safely trim baby nails with ease. 



– Blade free designs mean there’s no risk of cutting yourself if you slip.

– Because it files rather than cuts, you won’t be left with any sharp or jagged edges.



– Usually they need to be plugged in making them less-that-ideal for travel.

– Difficult to clean so not ideal for those with fungal infections.

3. Lever clippers – best for finger and toenails

Image of a pair of level clippers. The most common type of nail clippers available.

Lever style nail clippers are probably the first type that springs to mind. They feature a lever on top which can usually fold down for convenient storage and controls the clipping blades. Some models have a built-in reservoir so that nail clippings don’t get everywhere. 


This style of clippers can feature two different types of blades:

  • Straight-edge – good for cutting clean, straight cuts.
  • Curved-edge – the shape of the blades follows the natural shape of your nails so gives a more natural look. 


The Swissklip 360 nail clippers are a great option for seniors. The innovative design features a lever handle that rotates 360 degrees to allow clipping from any angle. The longer handle and extra-sharp blades require less pressure to get a clean and precise cut. And the curved edge lets you get a natural shape every time. 



– Swissklip’s 360-degree handle design is easy to use from any angle, ideal for those with limited mobility.

– Curved blades allow for a natural shape.

– Super sharp blades provide an easy, clean cut.

– The large handle is ideal for those with dexterity issues.


– No reservoir to catch nail clippings.

– The opening size may not be suitable for very thick nails

4. Nipper-style clippers – best for thick toenails

Image of a pair of heavy duty nipper style clippers. Used for detailed trimming of nails.

The final type of nail clippers are the nipper-style clippers. These types of nail clippers are great for those with thick toenails as they have a lot of control and give you the ability to make small cuts along your nails which is safer than trying to clip it all off in one go. They are characterized by their compact size and scissor-like handles and consist of two curved, sharpened blades that pivot to cut nails with ease. Their design allows for precision and control during trimming.

The Swissklip Heavy Duty nail clippers are an example of a nipper-style nail clipper. They feature easy-to-grip ergonomic handles for precise use, ultra-sharp blades for a clean cut every time, and an extra large opening size means they can be used on even the thickest toenails. 



– Large openings for very thick nails.

– Ultra sharp blades cut through tough nails with ease.

– Ergonomic handles give a comfortable grip.

– Quality materials for a long-lasting, durable product.



– Not the fastest tool to use so it requires a bit of extra time in your routine. 


There are many different types of nail care tools available on the personal grooming market. With Swissklip’s innovative designs, easy-to-use tools, and durable materials, our range of nail care products are the ideal addition to any senior’s personal grooming routine. 

For more information on caring for your nails, check out our guide on how to cut your nails like a pro as well as our helpful guides on what causes thick toenails and toenail fungus to help your feet look and feel their best. 

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