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how to cut your nails like a pro

How to cut your nails like a pro.

We can’t all be experts on everything. That’s why we outsource, right? When a fuse blows up in our houses, we don’t claim to know how to fix it. And when our team loses on the field, while we may scream and shout from the comfort of our couches, we don’t feel like we could be in those skinny pants ourselves!

Cutting your nails is no different. While you may be the employee of the month at your day job, no one expects you to know how to manicure your nails like a professional.

Until now.

Consider this your cheat sheet on everything you need to know when cutting your nails at home. Fool those colleagues into thinking you’re a regular at the spa and the electrician into thinking you’ve got your s**t together.

Nail trimming and grooming are not a style statement but an essential part of self-care and hygiene. By keeping your nails clean and trimmed, you harbor fewer germs and dirt. Therefore, it is vital to know basic nail care techniques to prevent unwanted injuries and infections. In addition, mistakes in nail clipping can lead to problems like onycholysis, hangnails, and ingrown nails (mainly in the toes).

So here’s what NOT to do when cutting your nails:

1. Cutting nails when they are dry

Clipping dry nails can be difficult because they are harder. If they are dry, you may cut too deep, or the cutting will not be smooth or shaped well. Before you clip your nails, soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes to soften them.

2. Cutting nails in odd shapes

They become weaker when the nails are trimmed or filed into pointy, almond, square, or other shapes. Weak nails are more likely to break or chip and may even hurt. So instead, trim the nails straight across from one end to the other, then file the corners a little more rounded.

3. Cutting nails too short

Nail beds can be exposed when nails are cut too short. This can be extremely painful and may even result in bleeding. Breaks in the skin can be extremely painful. It is recommended that you keep the nails short but not cut them so deep that the nail bed is exposed. If you have short nails, you can also just file them instead of cutting them.

4. Filing nails back and forth

Nails are fibrous tissues that can crack when clipped. Cracked nails become weak and chipped. Nail filing makes the edges smooth and even, so it is important. The back and forth filing, on the other hand, can lead to microcracks in the nails, resulting in easier breakage. Keep your nails strong by filing them in one direction.

At Swissklip, we have the perfect tools to help you need to get the perfect trim. From finger and toenail clippers to buffer pads and cuticle clippers, find everything you need to fool those around you and get your nails up to scratch – get it?

Happy clipping!


  1. If one is supposed to cut nails straight across, why are all your cutting devices made with a curve?

    1. swissklip

      Hello, there! Our SwissKlip Heavy Duty Nail Clipper is specifically designed to feature curved edges, which makes it ideal for nail clipping. Before releasing the product, we double-checked that our design was properly executed to meet the needs of our customers. The prospect of having straight ones in the future is something we are open to exploring.

  2. Sandra Beach

    Sorry but these clippers are not for seniors. I have very little strength in my hands and are very smooth. With age this happens. So the shiny handles are hard to grip. If you had crosshatch them it would improve the grip. I put them in the bag I had for the Salvation Army. Hopefully they will get some $ for them.

    1. swissklip

      Hello there! We recognize and appreciate your concern. Our SwissKlip Heavy Duty Nail Clippers are designed to cut thick toe nails, and as a result, it may be necessary to exert a little extra force when cutting the nails with them. When nail-cutting becomes a burden, it is best to get assistance from someone. We at SwissKlip are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.

  3. Holmes,Jr Houston

    I bought your toenail cutter and it’s blades should be straight instead of curved. One should sit toenails straight aciross.

    1. swissklip

      Hi! Thank you for making this suggestion. Following extensive research and development, our SwissKlip Heavy Duty Nail Clipper has been specifically developed with curved edges to make it easier for our customers to use. The prospect of having straight ones in the future is something we’re open to exploring.

  4. Dwight Powell

    I purchased your toe nail clipper for thick nails…it worked beautifully.

    1. swissklip

      Thanks, Dwight 😊 You can try more products from our personal care collection here:

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