Organic Head and Neck Stick

Relieve headaches, reduce stress, tackle tough muscle aches and pains, and even improve your mood with this natural aromatherapy treatment!

  • Powerful pain relief begins working as soon as you glide it on!
  • Reduces stress naturally with soothing essential oils.
  • Tough enough for migraines and tension headaches, no matter how stressful your life is!
  • Mood-boosting essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus.
  • Can help improve sleep for people struggling with headaches and pains.
  • Made in the USA with USDA certified organic, 100% natural ingredients.

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Rapid Relief from Headaches and Muscle Pain - Without Any Harsh Chemicals!

This organic formula made in the USA is designed to deliver relief. Your stress-relieving aromatherapy begins as soon as you open the roll-on stick, and the mess-free applicator makes it easy to use, even for people with arthritis and mobility issues. Get rapid relief the natural way!

No Harsh Chemicals. No Medications. No Side Effects!

Whether you worry about the health effects of taking too many painkillers, or you simply want a natural and safe way to relieve headaches, muscle pains, and stress, the Swissklip Organic Head & Neck Stick can give you powerful relief without drugs, medications, or side effects.

How Your New Organic Head & Neck Stick Works so Fast:

Organic Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus for Muscle Pain Relief

Peppermint is a great way to treat a variety of aches and pains, and the pleasant, refreshing scent can help soothe and comfort you when you’re feeling sick.

Boost Your Mood with Lavender and Sweet Orange.

These organic essential oils can help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, which can also help with stress headaches.

Ginger Reduces Pain with an Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Ginger, combined with peppermint and eucalyptus, gives you a three-pronged attack on pain, reducing the symptoms while also treating painful inflammation naturally.


Safe & Natural Alternative to Medications

Taking too many medications for pain can damage your liver and kidneys. Using your new Organic Head & Neck Stick can help you relieve pain without relying too much on potentially dangerous drugs.


Reduces Muscle Aches & Pains

The natural combination of organic peppermint and eucalyptus oil instantly begins working as soon as it rolls onto your skin. Then, the oils penetrate deep for long-lasting relief.


Treats Headaches & Stress Naturally

The Organic Head & Neck Stick combines several proven essential oils to treat pain in multiple ways, reducing stress and directly eliminating pain. Stress headaches are blasted away with mood-boosting ingredients and intense aromatherapy. Enjoy the refreshing scent and the organic pain relief today!


Aromatherapy Gives You an Organic Mood Boost

Pain can put anyone in a bad mood – especially when life is feeling stressful. To help you get back to your old self, we included lavender and sweet orange for anti-stress aromatherapy. In fact, studies show that sweet orange is so powerful, it can even reduce stress for women in labor!

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