Swissklip 360: Bringing Ease and Precision to Nail Care

Swissklip 360: Bringing Ease and Precision to Nail Care

One of our customers recently shared her Swissklip story with us. And her story motivates us to continue designing efficient personal care products. She started the story by talking about her 74-year-old mother, who lives alone. 

Her mother is someone who takes good care of herself. She is a person who likes doing it all by herself. Also, she doesn’t let her age define how she lives. She still wears make-up and loves to reminisce about the good times she spent with her husband. 

But she has Arthritis, and the joint pain is worse when she wakes up in the morning. Our customer visits her mother every weekend. She would tidy her mother’s bedroom up or do some laundry. As always, her mother would yell at her to stop babying her. 

Something Wrong With Grandma’s Nails

On one of these trips, her daughter Rosie noticed her grandmother’s nails. She immediately told our customer that grandma’s nails are cut up all messy. And grandma’s nails were indeed cut oddly. When she asked, her mother said her fingernail cutters broke. 

In truth, her fingernail cutters were fine. But with those fingernail cutters, the process was painful. Her joint pain made it even worse. Our customer saw the pain her mother went through while using those nail cutters. And she decided that these nail cutters need to go. 

Luckily, that’s when she recalled what her sister-in-law Martha had told her. She had advised her to use the Swissklip 360 nail clipper. And she told her mother that she’s bringing it along on her next trip. All thanks to Rosie, Swissklip 360 could solve Grandma’s nail care problem. 

How Swissklip 360 Makes Nail Care Easy for Seniors?

We make Swissklip 360 nail clipper with medical-grade material and surgical steel blades. It makes nail clipping easy for seniors. How? Here’s how: 

  • Its swivel blade allows you to clip nails at any angle. It not only makes nail clipping quick and easy. 
  • The surgical blades cut through the thickest nails with ease. That’s why it works wonders for our customer’s mom, who has Arthritis. And the nail clipping process is not painful for her anymore. 
  • When it comes to handling, the Swissklip 360 allows for pain-free pressure.  Another quality that makes nail care easier for the elderly. 
  • Lastly, the Swissklip 360 works great for both fingernails and toenails. Though recommended are separate tools for hygienic reasons.

For our customer’s mother, Swissklip 360 transformed nail care. It makes nail care easy and pain-free for her. Also, Rosie is delighted to see how well-cut and shapely her grandma’s nails look. And we, at Swissklip, feel even happier to see our products bring meaningful change to people’s lives. 

Order Now for Precise, Pain-Less Nail Care

The Swissklip 360 is getting a fantastic response from our customers. The stock is limited, and it might sell out soon. And then, you will have to wait to get one for yourself. So, hurry up and get easy and precise nail care delivered at your door!