why toenails turning white

Why Are My Toenails White?

Yellow and black toenails are often talked about when it comes to discussions surrounding discolored toenails. But did you know that your toenails can also turn white? White toenails can be an indication of a few things and are rarely anything more than superficial. So if you’re wondering “why are my toenails white?”, you’re in […]

Why are my toenails yellow

Why Are My Toenails Yellow?

Healthy nails should be clear, translucent and without cracks or ridges. Sometimes, your nails can become discoloured for various reasons and yellow nails might not be anything to worry about. However, it can also be a sign of underlying health conditions.   If you’re wondering “why are my toenails yellow?” you’ve come to the right […]

toenail cutting for seniors

Best Fingernail & Toenail Clipper Types for Seniors

As we age, our toenails can become thicker and more brittle. This fact, coupled with more limited mobility, dexterity, or eyesight means that trimming your toenails can become a difficult task. And regular drugstore nail clippers won’t cut it anymore. Thankfully, there are many different designs of nail clippers out there and don’t all look […]

woman’s feet getting a pedicure at a salon

Embarrassed to get a Pedicure with Toenail Fungus?

With sandal season comes pedicure season. A chance to flaunt your prettiest shoes with beautifully decorated toenails. But if you suffer from toenail fungus, it can be embarrassing to go to a salon in case you get turned away.  Toenail fungus is caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes, which thrive in warm, moist […]

nail clippers on a plane

Can you bring nail clippers on a plane?

According to the TSA, you can bring most nail clippers on the plane with you in both your hand luggage and checked baggage. Whether you’re going on a short trip or a long vacation, ensuring you have all of your personal care items with you is important. And nail clippers are part of that personal […]

nail clippers on a plane

Can you use nail clippers on a Plane? In-Flight Grooming Etiquette

The conveniences of modern air travel have made it easier than ever to traverse the globe, but they also bring us into close quarters with others. The answer to the question “Can I bring nail clippers on a plane?” and “What other grooming tools can I bring on a plane?”  is answered. In this shared […]

how to pack grooming kit

How to Pack Grooming Tools for Air Travel

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a well-packed bag, especially when it involves navigating the intricacies of airport security with personal grooming tools in tow. The perennial question, “Can you bring nail clippers on a plane?” serves as a gateway to a broader discussion about what other personal grooming tools you can bring […]

grooming bag flying in the sky in a plane

The Traveler’s Guide to Grooming Tools: What You Can Bring on a Plane

Embarking on a journey involves more than just packing your essentials; it includes ensuring that your grooming routine remains uninterrupted, regardless of your destination. The question, “Can you bring nail clippers on a plane?” is solved in our article, it often opens the door to a broader discussion on the array of grooming and personal […] is now part of

SwissKlip, a renowned company with a legacy in precision hand and foot care, has officially announced its acquisition of, a leading platform for foot and nail care expertise. This merger marks a significant milestone in the foot and nail care industry, combining SwissKlip’s tradition of quality with’s specialized knowledge and audience engagement in […]

anatomy of nails graph

Anatomy Of Nails: Structure and Function to Keep your Nails Healthy

Nails are often an overlooked but vitally important part of our body. Understanding fingernail anatomy and anatomy of nails in general can help identify and treat nail disorders and ensure that your fingernails are always looking their best. Not only do the nails enhance the beauty of our hands, but they also help us perform […]

toenail clipper for thick toenails

How to Cut Thick Toenails

Cutting your toenails properly is an important personal grooming task that can help to prevent the development of painful ingrown toenails. But trimming thick toenails can be a challenging task, especially for elderly or senior citizens who may have reduced mobility, vision, or dexterity. It’s therefore important to approach the task with care and to […]

why are my nails peeling

Why Are My Nails Peeling?

Nails that peel are not only disturbing, but also pretty inconvenient. This is especially true when you consider just how much you need to use your fingers or even your toes without being bothered by the cosmetics or structure of your nails. The question you may find yourself asking is, “Why are my nails peeling?” […]

stainless steel

Stainless Steel Nail Clipper or Titanium?

Toenail clippers are an essential tool in everyone’s personal grooming arsenal. With a vast array of options available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which is the Best Toenail Clipper choice for you: Stainless Steel Nail Clipper or Titanium Clipper. We’ve gathered this and many other information here in this website, you can read […]

Best Foods for Nail Growth

Best Foods for Nail Growth

Your nails do not only contribute to the beauty of your hands, but they also serve as an indicator of your overall health. Have you ever wondered what are the best foods for nail growth? It’s crucial to take proper care of the nails both from the outside and the inside. And that’s where nutrition […]


How to Choose a Toenail Clipper: A Comprehensive Guide

Proper toenail care is essential for maintaining overall foot health and avoiding issues like ingrown toenails, infections, or discomfort. Trimming your toenails regularly and using the best toenail clipper, like the Swissklip Heavy Duty can help keep your feet looking and feeling their best. We’ve gathered this and many other information here in this website, […]

why is my toenail black

Why is my Toenail Black? Top Causes & Fixes

Nail health is important, and toenail health is particularly so. Which is why it’s important to keep an eye on your toenails regularly.  Not many people like to discuss it, but the color of your nails is a key indicator of how healthy they are, and you shouldn’t ignore it if you notice a black spot […]

When Were Nail Clippers Invented? Prepare to be Shocked

The modern nail clipper we know today are a modern invention patented around 1875, but it’s unclear when and by whom the modern nail clippers were invented. Throughout human history, people have used a number of various tools to perform this rudimentary task – though admittedly without such clean, convenient, or hygienic  results as the […]

Hydrogen Peroxide for Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is uncomfortable and unpleasant to deal with, but you’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that 40 million Americans have this condition. Here’s how you can use hydrogen peroxide for toenail fungus treatment. Mix an equal parts solution of distilled water and 3% hydrogen peroxide into a basin. Soak your feet for 10-30 […]

Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus: Is it good?

Nail fungus can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to deal with, but thankfully, there are a number of different options that can help you recover quickly. Here’s how you can use tea tree oil for treating nail fungus. You can apply tea tree oil, 1-2 drops of tea tree oil treatment with 12 drops of carrier […]

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus, a common affliction affecting many worldwide, is more than just a cosmetic concern. Left untreated, it can lead to painful complications and affect one’s quality of life. Traditional treatments have ranged from topical creams to oral medications. However, the laser toenail fungus treatment has surged in popularity due to its touted efficiency and quicker […]

How to Know if Toenail Fungus is Dying

If left untreated, developing toenail fungus can spread and lead to serious complications. In this article, we will discuss how to know if toenail fungus is dying, the stages of toenail fungus healing, toenail fungus treatment and how to heal toenail fungus. How do I know if my Toenail Fungus is Dying? – Color Changes So how […]

How Long Should Men’s Nails Be?

Table of Contents Have you ever wondered how long should men’s nails be? Is there a specific length of nails that works best for your nail care, for everyday life, or does it vary from person to person? How long should you keep your nails? Although there are differing opinions on this subject, many sources […]

How to Get Rid of Calluses On Feet

Calluses are a common foot problem that many people, particularly older individuals, experience. They are thick, hardened layers of skin that develop as a response to repeated friction or pressure. While calluses are not usually a serious health concern, they can cause discomfort, pain, and increase the risk of infection if left untreated. Fortunately, there […]

How to Use a Foot File to Remove Calluses at Home

Calluses on feet are a widespread issue that affects people of all ages and lifestyles. These thickened, hardened areas of skin are formed due to repeated friction or pressure on the feet, often resulting from activities such as walking, running, or wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes. While calluses may not always pose a significant health […]

10 Expert Tips to Perform a Safely Callus Removal at Home

Calluses on feet are a common issue experienced by many individuals, causing discomfort and affecting overall foot health. Fortunately, removing calluses at home is achievable with the right tools and techniques. In this comprehensive guide, we will outline the steps so you can learn how to get rid of calluses and effectively remove calluses on […]

Podiatrist Recommended Toenail Clippers

Podiatrist Recommended Toenail Clippers

Taking care of your toenails is an important aspect of foot health, but as important as that is choosing the right toe nail clippers: Podiatrist Recommended Toenail Clippers. Neglecting your toenails can lead to various foot problems such as ingrown toenails, fungal infections, and nail damage. Proper toenail care includes regular cleaning and trimming, and […]

What causes thick toenails

What Causes Thick Toenails?

Dealing with thick toenails can be a challenging task, making routine nail care a more complex and sometimes frustrating experience. Using the right tools designed specifically for thick toenails is essential to ensure effective, safe, and comfortable nail care. This article will provide an in-depth guide to understand treatments, how to trim those tough thick […]

How to Sharpen Cuticle Nippers and Cutters

If you’re someone who enjoys giving yourself or others a manicure, then you probably know how important it is to have a sharp cuticle cutter. Dull cuticle nippers and cutters can cause painful nicks and cuts, and can even lead to infections if not properly cared for. Sharpening your cuticle cutters is not only important […]

Cuticle Cutter

Best Cuticle Cutter: Get Perfectly Manicured Nails

We all have had dry and rough cuticles, which can cause your nails to look dull and uneven. This is where the best cuticle cutter comes in.  A well-manicured set of nails can do wonders for your confidence, but achieving that look requires more than just trimming or painting your nails.  The key to getting […]

how to cut cuticles

How to Cut Cuticles

What are Cuticles? Cuticles are the thin layer of skin that covers the base of the nail, also known as the nail fold. They are a natural part of the body and serve an important purpose in protecting the nail bed from infection and damage. The cuticles are made up of several layers of skin […]

Toenail fungus cure

The Ultimate Toenail Fungus Cure Guide

Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection that affects the toenails and surrounding skin. If left untreated, toenail fungus can cause discomfort, pain, and embarrassment. It can also spread to other toenails or even fingernails, making it difficult to manage and cure. Fortunately, there are several toenail fungus cure options available, […]

Toenail Fungus Symptoms

Toenail Fungus Symptoms: Causes, Signs, and Prevention

Toenail fungus can cause discomfort and embarrassment, especially when it affects multiple toenails. It is important to understand the symptoms of toenail fungus to seek appropriate treatment and prevent further complications.  Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection that affects millions of people worldwide.  It is a fungal infection that can […]

Ingrown Toenail Grow Out 01

Will an Ingrown Toenail Eventually Grow Out on Its Own?

Ingrown toenails are a common foot problem that can be both painful and unsightly. They occur when the corner or edge of a toenail grows into the surrounding skin, causing pain, redness, and swelling. Many people wonder whether an ingrown toenail will eventually grow out on its own without any intervention. In this blog post, […]

Fingernail vs Toenail Clipper

Fingernail Clippers vs Toenail clippers: 5 Key Differences

Have you ever wondered about the differences between fingernail clippers vs toenail clippers? The two are quite different tools, as you will know if you have ever set them side by side, but they have a lot in common. We’ve gathered this and many other information here in this website, you can read more about […]

Toenail cutting for seniors

Toenail Cutting for Seniors: In Home or Doctor?

Toenail cutting for seniors is an important part of foot care, as thick or poorly trimmed nails can lead to a variety of problems, such as ingrown toenails, fungal infections, and difficulty walking or wearing shoes.  As we age, the simple tasks of daily life can become increasingly challenging. One such task that often goes […]

Ingrown Toenail Grow Out

Non-surgical Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails can be a painful and frustrating condition, but there are many non-surgical treatments available to alleviate the symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening or to know how to fix ingrown toenail permanently. Keep reading to know which are those options available out there:   Soak Affected Foot Ingrown toenails can be a […]

Fix Ingrown Toenail Permanently

How to Fix Ingrown Toenail Permanently?

What is an Ingrown Toenail? An ingrown toenail, also known as onychocryptosis, is a common condition in which the edges or corners of the toenail grow into the surrounding skin. This can cause pain, swelling, redness, and infection in the affected area. Ingrown toenails can occur on any toe, but they are most common on […]

Nail Buffer Block

Best Nail Buffer Block: Get Your Nail’s Shine Back

How to find the Best Nail Buffer Block  to get your Nails High Shine Back? We have the solution for you.  You know how it goes; you have the perfect outfit, your hair is having a good day, your makeup is on point, and you’re feeling fiiiine. Until you spot your nails that is. This […]

fingernail clippers

How to Cut your Nails Perfectly

Nail care is an essential aspect of personal hygiene that is often overlooked. Proper nail cut and care not only contributes to good health but also enhances the overall appearance of hands and feet. Neglecting nail care can lead to various issues, such as infections, ingrown nails, and nail breakage, which can cause discomfort and […]

otc toenail fungus treatment

Sandals and fungus and solutions, oh my!

Let’s talk fungus. Now, we get it. A blog that begins with “let’s talk fungus” may not necessarily be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read. But that’s the point. We want to talk about fungus so that you can get your beautiful back! Social and political communities usually neglect fungal infections. However, they affect […]

Swissklip 360: Bringing Ease and Precision to Nail Care

Swissklip 360: Bringing Ease and Precision to Nail Care One of our customers recently shared her Swissklip story with us. And her story motivates us to continue designing efficient personal care products. She started the story by talking about her 74-year-old mother, who lives alone. Her mother is someone who takes good care of herself. […]

Nail and Skin Care Tips for the Elderly

Nail and Skin Care Tips for the Elderly As we grow old, we need to take better care of ourselves. The wear and tear of a long life take a toll on the body. Aging is something one cannot avoid. But you can still choose to age gracefully. Maintaining personal hygiene is one way to […]